Venerable Master, Knoxville Lodge of Perfection - Harvey LaFollette

Wise Master, Knoxville Chapter of Rose Croix - Joseph C. Tucker

Commander, Knoxville Council of Kadosh - Michael Byrd

Master of Kadosh, Knoxville Consistory of Masters of the Royal Secret - David A. Webb

Sovereign Grand Inspector General in Tennessee - Joseph C. Harrison 33 PGM

Personal Representative - Robert T. Reed Sr. 33 PGM

General Secretary - Robert B. Beam 33

Treasurer - Michael G. Weems 33

Leadership of Knoxville Valley

Knoxville Lodge of Perfection

Venerable Master - J Wesley Edens 33°

Senior Warden - J Ronald Worthington 32°

Junior Warden - Jeffrey L. Carroll 32 KCCH

Orator - James C. “JC” Jones 32°KCCH

Knoxville Council of Kadosh

Commander - Earl L. Ammon 33°

1st Lt. Commander - Adolph H. “Dusty” Parson 32° KCCH

2nd Lt. Commander - William M. Price 33°

Chancellor - Seth E. Frost 32°

Orator - James E. Stamper 32°

Officers-Elect for Knoxville Valley, 2022-2023

Knoxville Chapter of Rose Croix

Wise Master - A. Bryce Harris 32°

Senior Warden - John W. Sayne 32° KCCH

Junior Warden - Troy D. Wallen 32° KCCH

Orator - Brandon T. Johnson 32°

Knoxville Consistory of Masters of the Royal Secret

Master of Kadosh - Shane B. Ratliff 32° KCCH

Prior - Kevin C. Poe 32°

Preceptor - Roger L. Forbes 33°

Chancellor - James K Yoder 32°

Minister of State - Danny R. Crum 32° KCCH

At-Large Members

Gary W. Coates 32° KCCH

Lucas P. McAfee 32°

Charles M. Thames 32° KCCH

Almoner - Charles Rhines 33°

Treasurer - Michael G. Weems 33°

Tiler - Winston J. Hill 32°

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The Scottish Rite Creed

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