2016 Officers

Personal Representative of SGIG in Tennessee Chairman of Executive CommitteeIll. Robert T. Reed, 33 degree
Venerable Master, Knoxville Lodge of Perfection and Assistant Personal RepresentativeIll. Bill R. Cutlip, 33 degree
KCCH Wise Master, Knoxville Chapter of Rose Croix
Mr. Dan G. Lovely, 32 degree
Commander, Knoxville Council of Kadosh
Ill. Billy R. Miller, 33 degree
Master of Kadosh, Knoxville Consistory
Ill. James B. Clark, 33 degree
Treasurer, Co-Ordinate Bodies
Ill Travis P. Harris, 33 degree
Secretary, Co-Ordinate Bodies
Robert B. Beam 001Ill. Robert B. Beam, 33 degree
The Scottish Rite is part of the worldwide craft of Freemasonry.
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